The Retrotrip 3 is the next step up from the Retrotrip 2 with all the same features including accuracy to one hundredth of a unit (Miles or Kilometers) and the electro-mechanical clicking counters that has made the Retrotrip eligible for historic rallies throughout the world. The Retrotrip 3 in comparison contains TWO completely separate and independent tripmeters in the one case, both fed from the same sensor.

Three Displays
• Total Distance
• Inter Distance
• Separate Tripmeter enabling Stopwatch ReadOut/Average Speed Calculations

Independently Zeroed displays

Display Lenses for increased digit size

12 Volt LED Illumination

Driver Display Socket as standard

Calibrated by the User in Miles or Kilometers

Dimensions: 100 x 140 x 75mm (110 x 170 x 95 inc Mounts & Hood)
Supplied with: 1.2m Power Cable & 1.8m Sensor Cable

(Plug Kit versions have the above plus 1.1m Cable from the Tripmeter to plug)

Optional Factory Fitted Plug

Brantz Retrotrip 3 Classique (BR10C)

Plug Fitted
Plug Kit Version
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