The Retrotrips themselves do not have the facility to count backwards, which is one of the many features that make them so popular in the historic events. But what if you make a mistake?

This is where the Back-Tracker comes in. This gadget, when activated, stores the distance you drive to correct your error, then when you are back on the right road, a simple flick of a switch and the Back-Tracker counts out your incorrect miles/kilometers, not allowing your Retrotrip to count up until it has erased all those incorrect Miles or Kilometers you gathered.

Features Include:

Available in 2 Styles:

- Standard Version (BR59) - connects directly to the 3 core grey Sensor Cable of the Retrotrips

- Plug Kit Version (BR59-PK) - connects direclty to the 4 pin Plug & Socket of the Plug Kit Retrotrips

Store Function

Discharge Function

Clear All Button - in the event of coming across a Timing Point


Dimensions: 70 x 50 x 25mm

Cable Length: Standard = 1.9m Plug Kit = 1.1m

Brantz Retrotrip Back-Tracker (BR59)

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