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All our Brantz Tripmeters can be calibrated easily in Miles or Kilometres, below is a step by step guide for calibration.

First of all you need a known measured distance. These are usually provided at the beginning of your events by the organisers, however we always recommend calibrating your tripmeters over a repeatable distance well in advance of any event to check everything is working properly.


Google maps now lets you measure a distance between points should you wish to use this as a rough guide for calibration, alternatively you can use mile markers or your local authority/police usually has a defined distance marked out.

1mile on google maps.gif

Once you have your measured distance (for this example we will use a measured distance of 4.56 Miles) 


  • Enter 456 (measured distance) into your calibration push-wheel switches on your International or Retrotrip Tripmeter.


  • Draw up at the start of the measured distance and zero both displays

  • Drive your measured distance and stop in-line with the finish distance marker, note down the readings in the Distance Displays (they should both match) i.e. 06.78

  • Enter 678, the three digit figure shown on the displays, into the Push-Wheel Switches

  • Now re-drive that measured distance and check you get exactly 04.56 on both displays, repeatedly.

For more help on calibration please see our video tutorial here

Minor Adjustments


Minor calibration adjustments can be carried out as follows:

  • If the distance reading is too HIGH - INCREASE the calibration figures by one or two

  • If the distance reading is too LOW - DECREASE the calibration figures by one or two

Longer Calibration Distances


If your measured distance (or the Rally Organisers 'official distance') is longer than 9.99 Miles or 9.99 Kilometres you will need a formula in order to calibrate your tripmeter, please see the example below:

  • Enter a Calibration figure between 399-999 (C) into the push-wheel calibration digits (for this example we have used 499)


  • Draw up to the start of the measured distance and zero both displays


  • Drive your measured distance (D)  (for this example we have used 12.50 Miles)


  • Note down the readings on the Distance Displays (T) (for this example we have used 21.99)


Now use the following formula:


(T/D) x C



(21.99/12.5) x 499

=>1.7592 x 499



So enter 878 into your calibration push-wheel switches.


To confirm the figure, re-drive the measured distance several times and BOTH your displays should show the official distance e.g. 12.50 miles.

Inconsistent Calibration

If you are struggling to calibrate your tripmeter, for example, if you find both displays are mismatching or you are getting a different reading each time, then it is likely you will need to go back and investigate your installation. The most likely causes are:


  1. Electrical Interference coming from your vehicle

  2. A sensor set up issue


Please refer to our trouble-shooting guides for further information or give us a ring on 0044 (0) 1625 669366

Miles to Kilometres or Kilometres to Miles Conversion

If you already have a very accurate calibration distance in Miles, you can divide your calibration figure by 1.60934 to get a calibration figure in KM. Enter your new figure and check by driving a measured distance.

To convert from Kilometres to Miles you would multiply your current calibration figure by 1.60934, enter your new figure and check by driving a measured distance.

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