In order to kit out your Classic Car with a Brantz Tripmeter you need just 3 things:

  • The Tripmeter

  • A Sensor - see our Which Sensor page for more information

  • A 2amp In-Line Fuse (except with the CANBUS Sensors)

There are, of course,  many additional items available to make your rally that little bit easier, from Stopwatches to Driver Displays - please always check out the Recommended Extras on each product page.

The Tripmeter

We manufacture a variety of tripmeters here to suit whichever type of event you are taking part in.

Always check the regulations of your specific event to ensure the tripmeter you are interested in is allowed/does not incur penalty points.

Types of Tripmeter

Retrotrip - Our Brantz Retrotrip range of tripmeters are all electro-mechanical and have been designed for use in the majority of historic rallies. They are period looking with fiddle-proof clicking digits for widespread approval.

International - Our Brantz International range of tripmeters are all digital with large red LED readouts and easy to use controls, even in the most stressful of sections.

Laser 3 - Our Brantz Laser 3 is a digital Tripmeter, Stopwatch & Rally Computer combined. Accurate up to 3 decimal places.

Brantzmaster - Our Brantzmaster is a large digital, clear and robust tripmeter with a Backlit LCD Display and accuracy up to 3 decimal places. A must have for event organisers.

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