The Retrotrip 2 has been designed for approval for use on many historic or retrospective rallies to fill the vacuum
left by a shortage of mechanical tripmeters. Those competitors who could source a genuine period tripmeter with
the correct functions and with sufficient spare parts to get it calibrated were felt to have an unfair advantage. The
Retrotrip has the functions and instant ‘one in a thousand’ calibration accuracy for any wheel changes etc, plus
can be seen to be ‘fiddle proof’ because of the old style electro-mechanical clicking digits, hence its widespread

Dual Display
• Total Distance
• Inter Distance

Independently Zeroed displays

Display Lenses for increased digit size
- Mulsanne Model has ALL WHITE digits – LIMITED EDITION

12 Volt LED Illumination


Driver Display Socket as standard


Calibrated by the User in Miles or Kilometers

Dimensions: 120 x 75 x 85 (140 x 85 x 90 inc switches and mounting holes)

Supplied with: 1.2m Power Cable & 1.8m Sensor Cable

(Plug Kit versions have the above plus 1.1m Cable from the Tripmeter to plug)

Optional Factory Fitted Plug

Brantz Retrotrip 2 Mulsanne (BR9M)

Plug Fitted
Plug Kit Version
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