The Brantz Electronic Speedtable is a pocket sized device which helps you maintain an accurate average speed over any distance. It works in conjunction with your Brantz International or Retrotrip but no direct connection is required.

• 2 Styles Available to choose from:
◦ Model A9 (BR19-A9) - beeps every 100M or every 1Km (10ths of a Mile or every Mile)
◦ Model A5 (BR19-A5) – beeps every 10M or every 100M (100ths of a Mile or 10ths of a Mile)

• Single Display

◦ Factory Modification Available – External switch for Power ON or OFF

• Back-Light Button
◦ Factory Modification Available – External switch for permanent Light ON or OFF


• Average Speed Accuracy to 1 decimal place i.e. 25.4mph
◦ Factory Modification Available – Increased accuracy to 2 decimal places

• Recalculate Average Speed Mid-Distance

• Recalculate Average Speed and Zero Distance

• Retrospective Average Speed Recalculation


Dimensions: 105 x 60 x 30mm

Brantz Electronic Speedtable (BR19)

Beep Frequency
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