The International 2 Pro, and its predecessors, are one of the most popular rally tripmeters to have served  many a generation of rallying enthusiasts with their accuracy, ease of use and rugged dependability. Allowed on all HERO events without penalties and the meter of choice for HERO's Arrive and Drive cars.

Dual Displays - showing Total Distance and Intermediate Distance (Red LEDs ~ 15mm high)


Calibrated easily via push-wheel switches on the front of the unit.


999.9 Maximum Total Distance (with adjustable decimal point 00.00 or 000.0)


99.99 Maximum Intermediate Distance


Remote Zero Unit to operate the Intermediate Display - INCLUDED


Can be calibrated in Miles or Kilometers


Zero, Forward, Reverse and Freeze Buttons on the front face of the Meter. Plus a Stepper Knob - for manually increasing or decreasing the total distance travelled in case of corrections.


Suitable for BOTH Negative and Positive earthed vehicles.

Dimensions: 120 (140 inc mounting flanges) x 100 x 45mm

Supplied with: 1.2m Power Cable & 1.8m Sensor Cable

(Plug Kit versions have the above plus 1.1m Cable from the Tripmeter to plug)


Driver Display Unit sold as a separate item: BR61 - You MUST Select BR6 'With DD Socket' to be able to connect a Driver Display Unit.

Brantz International 2 Pro (BR6)

with Plug Fitted
with Plug Kit
Driver Display Socket
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