The International 1 Pro is our basic single readout tripmeter; ideal for beginner road rallying and club level stage events.

Single Display (Red LEDs ~ 15mm high)

Calibrated easily via push-wheel switches on the front of the unit.

999.9 Maximum Distance (with adjustable decimal point: 00.00 or 000.0)

Can be calibrated in Miles or Kilometers.

Zero, Forward and Reverse Buttons on the front face of the Meter.


Suitable for BOTH Negative and Positive earthed vehicles

Dimensions: 120 (140 inc mounting flanges) x 100 x 45mm

Supplied with: 1.2m Power Cable & 1.8m Sensor Cable

(Plug Kit versions have the above plus 1.1m Cable from the Tripmeter to plug)

Optional Factory Fitted Plug (If you have the Socket already fitted to your vehicle) - Choose WITH PLUG

If you would like the tripmeter with the factory fitted Plug & Socket Kit (BR43) for easy removal from your vehicle - Choose WITH PLUG & WITH PLUG KIT

Brantz International 1 Pro (BR13)

with Plug Fitted
with Plug Kit
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