Michael Fahy
Sep 5, 2018

two trips


Can you run two trips from the same sensor or will they interfere with the signal to each other. If not it means a sensor per trip. I have a Brantz and a Chronopist, for some rallies I need to run with both - the Brantz for distance and the Chronopist for timing.


Sep 5, 2018



Thank you for your question.


As we are unfamiliar with the specifications of your particular timing devise I can only answer your questions based on a similar scenareo of using 2 Brantz Tripmeters running off a single sensor.


More than 1 tripmeter running off 1 sensor is something we would not recommend as a shared sensor can give rise to problems and inaccuracies.


It is possible but only with the addition of our Electronic Speedo Interface (BR5) - which technically is a sensor in its own right


We would always recommend a dedicated sensor or sensors per Brantz tripmeter.


Hope that helps.



Michael Fahy
Sep 5, 2018

Thanks, sort of what I thought. Better to go with two then should one fail you still have one working

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