This new electronic precision stopwatch has been specially developed for the timing of historic regularity rallies, historical and modern motorsport.


With the single-button operation for round courses and chained time trials, the logical structure of the multi-taster operation for measuring nested time trials, it has been possible for the first time to implement all test variants in one device with a view to highest accuracy and simple operation.


The innovative technology of the WP Timer makes the electronically programmable stopwatch a precise and reliable companion for time measurement in motorsport.


-Highest measuring accuracy (+/- 0.000008 seconds)

-4 displays. Maximum display: 9 hours, 59 minutes, 59 seconds, 99 1/100 seconds (99 minutes, 59 seconds, 99 1/100 seconds on EXPERT version). Minimum display: 1 1/100 second

-Direction Stopwatches: forward (count up) and backwards (count down)

-Sound signal for acoustic support for the active time for the last 10 seconds, louder from 3 seconds until the end signal at zero

-Volume adjustable and can be used with headphones

-Time setting via user-friendly pressure control dial

-Triggering the times via pushbuttons on the device or external hand or foot switch (sold seperately)

-Illuminated display filtered for readability in sunlight


Operable in 3 different modes, easily adjustable via toggle switch.


1.Round course mode: Set your own target time with the first round, reach this target time in the following rounds. With the one-button operation at the respective crossing of the start / finish line, easy to do.


Timing for any number of laps.


2.Nuvolari mode: Countdown time measurement with photocells linked together. With the one-button operation when moving over the light barrier / pressure hose, it's easy to do.


Up to 4 programmable times (12 on the EXPERT version)


3.Hidden Mode: For scored special stages, eg 2 time starts at the first photocell / the first tube. With the multi-keys it is very easy to start or stop 2 times at the same time.


Up to 4 programmable times (12 on the EXPERT version)


Update to EXPERT version: For all WP-Timer STANDARD an update to the EXPERT version can be added at any time. For a software update, please contact us.

Both versions are available on the EXPERT version.

WP Timer (WPT001)

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