Aug 22

Old Retrotrip advice sought..


Afternoon all!

Got an old Retrotrip I am looking at fitting to our old MGB. Straight forwards enough I guess, but....there's always a but...

Looks similar to the Retrotrips on your web site but the face counters on this one are held in with some screws. Also, the illumination is from 2 small bulbs soldered in the hood.

The power cable is the same, Brown possitive & Green/Yellow Earth with a three core cable that goes to the sensor. Wire colours there are Brown, Blue & Green/Yellow. So which terminals on the sensor do each wire go to? Would be a bit miffed if i got it wrong & melted the internals of this Retrotrip meter.

Looking forwards to your replies.

Many thanks in advance.



Aug 23

Good morning Merv,


Thank you for your question.


The old retros are wired in the same way as the newer style ones. You haven't actually specified which sensor you have, but as you said you own an MGB we will assume that you have a Universal Speedo Cable Sensor (BR1). This is wired colour for colour i.e Blue wire on the sensor cable to the Blue connector spade on the sensor and so on. The connectors should be colour-coded, but as a guide when holding the sensor with the connector spades at the bottom of the sensor it goes Blue/Green/Brown left to right.


If you do not have a BR1 then please do let us know so we can advise accordingly.


Hope that helps.


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